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The leaks were real: Duck Hunt dog and these others dudes are in Smash Bros. ⊟

Thanks to people copping early copies of the game in Japan and streaming their playthroughs, we now know that the Duck Hunt dog (maybe a.k.a. Mr. Peepers) is in Smash Bros. He even brings back characters from NES’s Wild Gunman for his moves and final smash.

Other characters not yet formally announced but unlocked so far: Dr. Mario, Mr. Game & Watch, Falco, Wario, Dark Pit, and Ness. Ganondorf is in there, but I didn’t have room to fit him in the gallery.

Thanks to thedmonroeshow, sonicbrawler182, and Joel for the GIFs.

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ジンオウさん S&U


ジンオウさん S&U


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Monster Hunter 4G

G Rank Search Quests

There will be new areas of the Unknown Forest available for search in MH4G for G Rank monsters. They will contain new locations such as a desert area and caves with valuable crystals. New monsters such as the Nerscylla Subspecies can be found here, and monsters previously unavailable in the Unknown Forest in MH4, such as Deviljho, can now be found wandering around.


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Name: Ami
Hunting Alias: Kirin

Age: 21

Back story:
Was abandoned as a child close to a clan village not too far from Moga Village, along with her brother, they were taken in and raised as part of the clan. At age 12, both children had become quite adept at wielding the sword and shield as to help them gather materials from the small monsters around the village, while the larger monsters were left to the clan’s full-fledged hunters. After watching the hunters fighting the larger monsters, and admiring their skill with other weapon types, she decided she was destined for more than gathering resources.

As the years passed and Ami reached 16, she’d taken to sneaking out each night to a deserted clearing in the woods where she had found varying sized sticks and practiced using them corresponding to each weapon type. But one night in particular, Ami’s determination to join the hunter ranks had become fueled by hatred. On her way back to the village, fear gripped her heart as word was being spread by hunters to the town chief that her brother had stumbled into a zinogre den and was being brought back, mauled, charred and broken. She swore she’d bring down as many of the beasts as it would take to feel that she had avenged her brother’s death.

At age 18, Another tragedy occurred. While out on a gathering trip with 2 other gatherers and a hunter, they were ambushed during the night. Thieves robbed the supply boxes, her shield was stolen, the sword wasn’t as it was a basic blade made in the village, but the shield was of great quality and was the only thing left with her from her parents, and the hunter’s throat cut with Ami’s sword. Returning to the clan with nothing to show for their hunt but a bloodied sword and a body in tow, blamed, Ami was banished from the clan.

After wandering the nearby woods, Ami found herself near the Moga woods and had been sleeping at the campsite during the nights. One fateful day, an injured zinogre pup limped into the campsite and lay at the foot of the bed, upon waking Ami grabbed her blade and cautiously stared down the pup, but put the blade away and bound the pup’s wound. She then tried to take the pup back to the nearest zinogre den, but both hunter-to-be and pup were threatened before they could get close. Ami realised that the pup had been made an outcast too.

Another year passed and the two were inseparable, they’d always go hunting for food together, play together and sleep at the campsite together. Then the earthquakes started. The campsite was in ruins, parts collapsing and trapped Ami, the pup nearby but unharmed. A few days passed, the pup bringing food for Ami each day, until finally help from Moga village arrived, the chief’s son no less and a fresh-of-the-boat hunter who helped her out and took her back to the village.

Her blade was shattered, but she soon picked up a different weapon altogether anyway. A weapon with no defense, but a move set to match her speed, the LongSword. Ami joined the Moga guild and began her hunting career. Not wanting to lose the pup like she lost her brother, she left it in the care of the villagers while she was out hunting. She quickly cleared hunt after hunt, building a reputation for herself in the guild, being sent more challenging quests. However, left the important village related quests to the off-the-boat hunter that helped her. Ami soon set her sights on Port Tanzia and quickly made a name for herself as a solo hunter that prefers a weapon without defense. After each day’s hunting, returning to Moga to spend time with the zinogre pup.

After defeating the Dire Miralis and reaching over HR8, a Wyverian from the Argosy labelled her as Qilin/Kirin, which she had heard was a unicorn-like beast said to represent good luck and prosperity. And had learned a while after of a monster in a far-away land by that name that controls lightning, so he could have been commenting on her affinity for thunder-blight defenses (Zin X armour = no thunder-blight)

She spends her days playing with the pup and hunting more monsters, hoping to reach a higher Hunter Rank to take on tougher challenges. All the while, taking time out here and there to target Zinogres for her personal vengeance for her brother and the pup.

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Name: Jun’bai - Retired Guild Knight, turned Hunter.

Age: 41

Jun’bai enlisted in the guilds guard at a young age, eager to follow in his fathers footsteps. Showing great skill in wielding a gunlance and quick thinking during combat, he was knighted at 25 and gained control of his own guard unit.

After losing all but two of his squad to a Golden Rathian and tearing down half a village in an attempt to destroy it, Jun’bai was discharged from duty. With half a town destroyed and the Rathian still at large, the guilds hands were tied.

Driven to right the wrongs he made, Jun’bai intercepts dangerous hunting orders and sets out to fulfill them himself. He takes no money or spoils, seeing it as a debt he needs to repay.

The Guild have unofficially acknowledged his illegal hunting but tend not to pursue it due to past services rendered, however, other guild law enforcers are not so forgiving.

Jun’Bai wields the mighty Imperial Swornlance that was given to him during his Knighthood ceremony. His teacher said there was much more to the Gunlances power than first meets the eye.

Is this for some RP kind of thing? Cuz I wanna do this.

Also, I absolutely LOVE gunlances. I pride myself of being one the better gunlancemen in my group.

So seeing another gunlanceman, as rare as we are, is an awesome thing.

This is for ‘Hunting Profiles’! I started this few weeks back, basically it’s a chance for you to expand beyond Monster Hunters limited story telling and elaborate on your main hunter, what kind of life do they live? What sort of goals or dreams do they aspire to?
You can write up a story, draw fan art or just use photos of how you picture your hunter!

Use the tag ‘Hunting Profiles’ so I can see yours when you’re done!

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My wish came true




My wish came true


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Arzuros Armor from Monster Hunter

Photo set from me and Aurena’s Monster Hunter cosplays. We did this shoot during Animecon 2014, The Hague - The Netherlands.
These were our costumes that won us a trip to Paris for the ECG finals at Japan Expo. It was an amazing experience and I’m still very proud of my partner. Without her, we wouldn’t have been there <3

Be sure to check out my partner here:
Aurena (Arzuros): Aurena-chan

More pictures of my Arzuros armor and Aurena’s Arzuros cosplay here: Facebook

Enjoy this photo set~

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Commission works.

I got a lot of Hunter’s Life commission lately..

Gotta say the Monster Hunter x Soul Sacrifice one was really cool

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03 Setting Off Wind [Monster Hunter ~ Hunting Music Festival 2014]

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- ラフグラビ // Rough Gravios // しい -

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